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Historic Event Helps BPS Students Learn Value of Resilience and Overcoming Challenges

Melbourne, FL - In a truly historic event, an estimated 10,000 BPS students were granted the opportunity to listen to inspirational messages from acclaimed authors Jon Gordon and Erik Weihenmayer.


Jon Gordon addressed our 6th-grade students and shared the message of his book, “The Coffee Bean,” which is about overcoming obstacles in life and successfully navigating challenging situations. Superintendent Dr. Mark Rendell recognized the importance of our students hearing the message of becoming resilient, positive individuals who can overcome challenges and change their environment instead of being changed by it.


The following day, Erik Weihenmayer engaged with our 9th-grade students, recounting his journey of overcoming blindness as a high school freshman to achieve extraordinary feats such as climbing Mt. Everest and kayaking in the whitewater rapids of the Grand Canyon. As a former teacher, Weihenmayer imparts lessons that can help anyone, including our students. Dr. Rendell wanted to give our freshman students this gift so that they may be inspired to overcome the barriers in their own lives.


The moments Gordon and Weihenmayer spent with our students could have a positive and long-lasting impact on them. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to these extraordinary individuals for their time. A big thank you to the Florida Institute of Technology for being an excellent host and for livestreaming the events to our schools. Also, thank you to the Brevard 鶹 Foundation and the Space Coast Health Foundation for supporting this project.


Posted 2.1.24