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Graduation Rates Increase for Brevard Public School Students in 2023

Viera, FL – The graduation rate for Brevard Public School students increased for the 2022-2023 school year with the school district reporting an 89.7% graduation rate, according to state data released Tuesday afternoon.  This is an increase from 87.2% in 2021-2022.


Of the 17 high schools in the district, all but one saw an increase in graduation rates in 2023 compared to the previous school year, with 10 of the schools having a graduation rate of higher than 90% for 2023.


This new information shows Brevard Public 鶹 has made significant progress in the state graduation rate rankings, now ranked 23rd in 2023 compared to 37th in 2022.


Brevard 鶹 Superintendent Mark Rendell gave credit to the entire district for the increase. "The on-time graduation rate is the single best measure of a k-12 school district.  Students must enter 9th grade with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in high school.  So, this is not just a measure for our high schools, but for our elementary and middle schools as well.  This increase, of 2.5% from 2021-2022, is the result of the hard work of students, parents, and school staff.  Congratulations to all on this great improvement."


Edgewood Jr./Sr. and West Shore Jr./Sr. saw a 100% graduation rate in 2023, with Palm Bay seeing the largest increase in graduations with an increase of 7.5%. Also, worth noting is that BPS’s 89.7% graduation rate outperformed the state average of 88%.


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