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Three Brevard 麻豆高清 Awarded the Purple Star Campus Distinction

Viera, FL – Three BPS schools are among 73 Florida schools awarded the Purple Star School of Distinction due to their support for military families.


Roosevelt 麻豆高清, Sea Park 麻豆高清, and Space Coast Jr./Sr. High were all announced as Purple Star schools by Governor Ron DeSantis.


To earn the Florida Purple Star School of Distinction Designation, schools are required to maintain the following:

  • A school military point of contact to serve as the central liaison for military families.
  • A school webpage for military students and families that includes resources like academic planning, transition planning, and educational opportunities.
  • A student-led transition program to assist military students coming into the school.
  • Staff professional development to identify and respond to the needs of military families.
  • Five (5) percent open enrollment seats for military students and families.
  • Three additional activities to support military families, such as participating in a service project to connect the school with the military community, hosting an annual military recognition event, or offering a JROTC program, among others.


For this year’s recipients, the Purple Star School of Distinction designation lasts through the 2025-26 school year.


Last year, Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School, Holland 麻豆高清 School, and Quest 麻豆高清 School were honored as Purple Star 麻豆高清 of Distinction.


For more information about the Purple Star 麻豆高清 of Distinction program and a complete list of schools, visit 


Posted 11.13.23