Ofsted inspection outcomes this year

It鈥檚 been a busy year for Ofsted and 麻豆高清 schools! Since Christmas, Ofsted teams have visited Kibworth 麻豆高清, Abbey 麻豆高清, North 麻豆高清, Brook 麻豆高清 and Kestrel 麻豆高清. In the autumn term Castle 麻豆高清, Rowlatts 麻豆高清 and Willowbrook 麻豆高清 had inspection visits 鈥 that鈥檚 eight of our 13 schools.

We鈥檝e been pleased by the inspectors鈥 feedback and comments, which was fair and accurate. Inspectors recognised the calm and mature behaviour of pupils, the commitment and hard work of the staff, the great practice happening in classrooms, and the expertise and leadership from the Trust. Here are a selection of the comments>

North 麻豆高清 is a joyful and aspirational primary school.鈥

鈥淧upils love attending Abbey 麻豆高清 Primary Academy. They really appreciate the phenomenal education that this wonderful school provides them.鈥

Castle 麻豆高清 Academy is an exceptional school. There is a 鈥榗an-do鈥 culture where staff ensure that pupils take a full and active part in school life.鈥

Brook 麻豆高清 Academy provides an exceptional quality of education. Staff are unashamedly ambitious for pupils. There is absolute determination that pupils will excel.鈥

鈥淟eaders have a clear and ambitious vision for (Kibworth 麻豆高清) and are determined that pupils will succeed here. They promote the school鈥檚 values of 鈥榳ork hard, be kind, be proud鈥.鈥

鈥淧upils are very happy to attend Rowlatts 麻豆高清 Primary Academy. They display very positive attitudes to all aspects of school life.鈥

鈥淪taff go the extra mile for the pupils at Willowbrook. Their top priority is to make all pupils feel welcome and at ease.鈥

You can find the inspection reports here:

鈥 ungraded inspection

鈥 outstanding

鈥 outstanding

聽鈥 outstanding

鈥 good

鈥 good

鈥 good

Kestrel 麻豆高清 鈥 ungraded inspection